We seek to support and encourage growth in all areas of your child's development & help parents in any way possible.

Physical Growth

  • John Payette (Jape) joins us twice a week for drama, movement and songs, stressing imagination.
  • We teach nutrition and serve healthy snacks. We will work with any child who has allergies of any kind.
  • We have a wonderful playground for gross motor skills. Fine motor skills are developed by cutting, pencil and crayons, play dough and manipulatives.

Emotional / Social growth

  • Stories, puppetry and role playing are used to explore and find ways to express feelings and solve problems in a socially acceptable way, to grow and develop lifelong skills.

Cognitive growth - Language

  • Each child's individual needs and skills are the basis of our language program. We start with oral language skills, name recognition on through reading skills depending on each child's ability and developmental stage.
  • We offer Spanish and is taught by a teacher whose native language is Spanish.
  • It is well known there are many benefits for young children learning new languages, one of which is an increase in connections in the brain that lasts a lifetime and provide ability to learn new things and process new information quicker. Most importantly, the children love having outside people come in to teach. Spanish is taught through games, songs, and fun activities.

Math skills

  • Manipulatives, games and other hands on materials of many types are used to teach basic math and logic skills with an emphasis on learning through fun and exploration.


  • Science is a hands on experience with a science table set up to explore many aspects of the natural world. We have several safe areas to walk along in this small neighborhood, observing many types of trees, leaves, birds, small animals and even a pond where a beavers live. Lane's Cove is close by for exploring ocean life. We teach environmental awareness, ways even young children can help protect the earth. We also teach recycling in the classroom.


  • This is a very important part of our program. We have a separate arts and crafts room available to all children. We stress imagination, creativity and originality with a variety of different materials.